Nightly builds

Some users prefer testing features right after implementation and announcing. So this issue for them.

Actually there is no problem to compile sK1 package under Linux. Especially for Ubuntu. Just download latest source code from sK1 repository (how to fetch code read here), install required packages and run commands described in README.txt file. Finally you will get package specific for you system.

For lazy testers we start providing ready packages for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 64bit. Ubuntu version is defined by our default development platform. We cannot support more systems because switching between different OS’es takes a lot of time or requires special continuous integration servers. Also Windows snapshots take a lot of disk space on project web server. So on this moment there are packages for default development platform only.

Nightly build download page

8 thoughts on “Nightly builds”

  1. unxed

    Mint 18 (Ubuntu-based distro) can not install package as libmagicwand5 dependency can not be resolved.

    Can it be fixed somehow? Any workarounds?

    > You are awesome! 😉


    1. sk1project Post Author

      Mint18 is Ubuntu 16.04 based distro. Where as nigthly builds are for Ubuntu 14.04. If you wish testing, just compile package. It’s not a rocket science.

    1. sk1project Post Author

      Cairo renderer doesn’t support such feature. So this implementation requires some efforts. Nevertheless SK2 file format has reserved this option.

  2. Designer

    sK1 will be flawless by option for stroke position. THX. (CMYK of sK1 is unique under Linux, plus PANTONE palette would be even more unique. I would like to finally move from Mac to Linux. Keep it up. sK1 is by far the best still.)

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